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Horror Week 1: Fall Recommendations đŸŽƒ

OCTOBER IS HERE. (And with it: me.) It’s my second favorite month of the year (after December) and I’m ready for trashy spooky movies on tv, horror and thriller marathons, beautiful scarves and coats and sweaters and a mild breeze going around the neighborhood. My heart is already full with all the witchy things that are going to await me. Give me fresh air, soft warm colors, leaves on the ground, halloween inspired movies and tv shows and animated series and food and candles — CANDLES. Especially candles. And obviously: hot cholocate and fluffy blankets. The whole package. 

To start of the October with something as nice as the month itself, I’m going to recommend to you all the things that I have consumed in the past that I think ARE PERFECT FOR YOU TO CONSUME IN OCTOBER, too.  You’re welcome! (This includes: movies, tv shows, books, food, drinks etc.) By the way: you can find my letterboxd October watchlist for #Horrorctober right here.

∞ Movies ∞

I linked the letterboxd page on the title of the movie, so if you want to find out more and see the poster for the movie, click on that.

  • Circle (2015) –> death game, questions about morality –> deciding ‚who is going to die next‘ + short movie but very entertaining, playing with human lives, who deserves to die/live and reasons for that, super interesting!!
  • Coherence (2013) –> movie that really makes you think, has a few ‚aha‘ moments and twists and turns, it’s mindbending and genrebreaking, probably sci-fi mix, one of those movies that I couldn’t stop myself from trying to figure out what’s happening while watching it, recommend to watch with someone/have a watchbuddy so you can discuss ideas and thoughts before/while/after watching!!
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014) –> very special, iranian ghost movie!! it’s a little bloody and includes gore but it’s totally like nothing I have ever seen, very cool premise and execution, I feel like I definitely need to rewatch it soon-ish
  • The Sixth Sense (1999) –> one of my favorite movies from last year, definitely watch it if you haven’t already, it’s a ghost story with a twist that I ADORED SO MUCH, recommend to watch when it’s cold and dark outside, drink tea and fall into the atmosphere of the movie, would 10/10 watch again, it gave me so many feels!!
  • Train To Busan (2016) –> one of the coolest zombie movies I’ve seen, starts off slow but builds and builds into an action-packed journey, father/daughter dynamic explored, different characters that come together, MOST OF IT IS ON A TRAIN!!
  • The Conjuring (2013) –> i absolutely celebrate those movies (the first AND the second one), they are so entertaining and genuinely scary at times, feels like a classic, never goes out of style, big fan of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in this!!
  • Hush (2016) –> LOVED it last year, watched it three times now, definitely super cool concept, rooted for the main character (who is deaf!), recommended it to all of my friends after watching it and everyone liked it, #badasswomanpower
  • The Shallows (2016) –> not really a movie that I would watch in October but I had to name it because it’s a thriller shark movie! (my favorite one) and it definitely gives you the thrills so there’s that! the title song by Sia is stunning and the perfect way to end the whole film
  • Hocus Pocus (1993) –> OBVIOUSLY. it’s THE halloween movie of all the halloween movies, still love to watch it every year and will continue to do so, 11/10

∞ TV Shows ∞

I linked the youtube trailer on the title of the show so if you want to find out more , you can just click on that. 

  • Castlevania –> animated show on Netflix! the first season only consists of 4 episodes and you can definitely watch it in one go; it’s about vampires and humanity and how we deal with pain, it’s not super awesome yet but it definitely has potential and I’m excited for the second season!
  • Harper’s Island –> I REALLY LIKED THIS. It’s different from the other murder tv shows (Scream, Slasher) in the way it’s done, the deaths are extraordinary and new and fresh for every single person and the whodunit of the show is GREAT! This definitely should have gotten another season in a different setting/characters
  • Attack on Titan –> AN ANIME. It’s so very interesting and full of badass characters. Every time you think you know everything, you find out some more. It’s about Titans that eat/kill people and the people that try to stop them.
  • American Gods –> dark, gritty and VERY WEIRD. It’s super weird, for sure. But it’s also interesting and the characters are my jam! I enjoy the different dynamics (especially Dead Wife/Leprechaun) and I’m hyped for season 2
  • Over the Garden Wall –> LOVED THIS. It’s animated and lovely and still spooky and a little scary at times when you think about it, dont watch the trailer to the end BECAUSE SPOILERS. so beware, people.
  • others I recommend: Criminal Minds, Death Note, Hilda (which isn’t scary but perfect for fall nevertheless, it’s on Netflix) and and and.

∞ Books ∞

I linked the goodreads page on the title of the book, so you can click on that to look at the cover and find out more. 

  • Slade House –> my first read of 2017 and I really enjoyed it! it’s a haunted house story and there are a lot of timejumps and characters. It’s a mystery/fantasy /horror/thriller mix and made me want to read more from David Mitchell
  • Force of Nature –> it’s mostly a human-against-nature thriller! a few collegues go on a camping trip and the group of women get lost. It’s real good and I will definitely read more of Jane Harper.
  • The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly –> the main character is a girl without hands, it’s about cults and finding your strength and getting out of toxic situations. It’s so good.
  • The Female of the Species –> girl against bad guys, feminist as hell, this is graphic and full of angry people. It’s also very quotable and clever and so so good.

If you have recommendations for me, please drop them below in the comments. I want to immerse myself in the autum lifestyle with all the spooky books and spooky movies and spooky tv shows and I’m already so behind in #Horrorctober. I didn’t have time to go to the DVD loan shop but I’ll make time for it soon-ish. Recommend –> Drinks: hot cholate, tea. Food: soup, salad, lots of vegetables, some icecream.  Clothes: warm, lovely.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the movies, tv shows and books that I mention. #Advertisement. 

8 Kommentare zu „Horror Week 1: Fall Recommendations đŸŽƒ

  1. Wow, great list! 😀 Especially the movies and shows made me nod the whole time. Hocus Pocus is excellent for Halloween! I guess I need a rewatch now. 🙂 And the shows are a really good pick. I loved American Gods and can highly recommend the book by Neil Gaiman. Harpers Island is a really good slasher movie too.
    And I was thinking about reading Slade House at Halloween (or starting of finishing it at Halloween if time management allows it …), because I like David Mitchells books very much. But I read that it’s connected to „The Bone Clocks“ – but it is necessary to read it before Slade House? Your opinion would be a huge help.

    And some off-topic … what happened to your older posts?

    GefÀllt 1 Person

    1. DANKESCHÖN! Ich liebe Hocus Pocus und schaue das bestimmt jedes Jahr zweimal zur Herbstzeit. Als ich SLADE HOUSE damals gelesen habe, wusste ich nicht, dass da eine Verbindung zu THE BONE CLOCKS besteht und ich fand es trotzdem wirklich toll bzw. habe alles verstanden (sobald ich das einschĂ€tzen kann). Aber dazu muss ich noch erwĂ€hnen, dass ich gehört habe, dass die, die Bone Clocks vorher gelesen haben, noch mehr ZusammenhĂ€nge gezogen haben, die ich natĂŒrlich nicht miteinbeziehen kann. Ich hatte eine kleine persönliche Krise inklusive Hinterfragen-von-allem-was-ich-bis-dahin-gepostet hatte, also habe ich meinen Blog im Kurzschluss-Tief gelöscht, es dann bereut und mich schließlich nun (ein paar Monate spĂ€ter) dazu entschieden neu anzufangen und mir diesmal weniger Stress zu machen in Bezug auf allem, was mit meinem Blog zu tun hat. UND DAS WAR EINE SUPER LANGE ANTWORT, SORRY. 🙂 PS: ich hab jetzt einfach mal auf deutsch geantwortet, hope that’s okay lol.

      GefÀllt mir

  2. Huhu, freut mich dass du meinem Blog folgst. Ich habe auch deines abonniert, allerdings nicht via WP-Reader, sondern via Feedly. Schon alleine das FNL-Zitat im Header spricht mich an. Was die Horror-Liste angeht, so picke ich mir da vielleicht auch noch ein paar Filme raus, denn wenn es nun wirklich einmal herbstlich werden sollte, werde ich da auch den einen oder anderen Blick riskieren… 🙂

    GefÀllt 1 Person

    1. Dankeschön! Die Formate, an denen du mit deinem Blog teilnimmst, haben mich total angesprochen und ich hoffe, dass mich deine BeitrĂ€ge zum Laufen motivieren können haha. Vielleicht werde ich auch den ein oder anderen Film aus meiner Liste nochmal rewatchen, um noch mehr in Stimmung zu kommen fĂŒr den weiteren Horrorctober. Ich wĂŒnsche eine tolle kommende Woche! 🙂

      GefÀllt 1 Person

  3. This is such a great list! I definitely agree with Minnow Bly (and Sadie!) One of these days I am going to watch American Gods (for Ricky Whittle almost exclusively, but that’s okay haha). I have heard good things about Harper’s Island too, I need to get to that one. And even though I am BAD at movies, Circle sounds like my kind of thing so I am definitely going to have to check that out. Thanks for sharing these!!

    GefÀllt 1 Person

    1. Thank you so much! American Gods is definitely not for everyone but I found out that I truly enjoy that particuar weirdness. Harpers Island is so underrated and if you find the time, you should check it out. It gets better and better over the episodes. LOL to be honest: I’m bad at movies, too, but I realized that it’s easier for me to have fun with the movies that play ‚mind games‘ because they intrigue me and keep me engaged the most. Thank you for checking the post out!! ❀

      GefÀllt mir

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