Recap: June + July 2019 // Rediscovering Tumblr, Netflix‘ The Society, Hercai, PrOcRaStInAtIoN, Bellarke OWNS my Heart, Picrew, Mixed Feelings about S3 of La Casa de Papel + I finally finished writing my Medusa paper

I HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE IT MY GOAL TO POST THE LONGEST RECAP TITLES. eVA. Because I love to be Totally Too Descriptive and Detailed In The Reconstruction of My Past Feelings and Events. Keep reading the next couple of (monthly) recaps TO SEE ME CONQUER THAT LIKE A TOTAL BOSS. It’s going to be LIKE A TEASER TO THE POST, MARSHMALLOWS.  *cue the intro* wait, ALSO HI!!! LONG — *stops intro* sorry! h-u-hmm, Hi!! Long time no SEE, soft hearts!! i’ve been a busy busy busy bee and now i’m back (for at LEAST this post)!! *fireworks start outside your imagined window* i have come to scream into the void of the internet *finger guns* to share All The Thoughts I Had In June and July *dramatic drums start playing in the background* *screen slowly morphes into black* beware, long rants and raves await u.🍀 

Monthly Recap Covers

I HAVE FINISHED MY MEDUSA PAPER AND IT HAS FINISHED ME. June and July will from now on be known as The Dark Months and we will only briefly talk about them in this post because they are DARK and we (mean: me) won’t be DARK here — i mean, there IS  a reason why I chose pink as the color of the month(s) and it’S BECAUSE ITS LIGHT AND FLUFFY AND GIVES THE MONTH(S) A FEEL OF CALM AND QUIET which I did Not Have but Desperately Wish For; so this is basically me manifesting peace and happiness for myself in the coming weeks with sheer will power !! belief!! and trust!! and lots of (old-fashioned) lucky charms!! help me fairies!! 🍀 


Quick rewind of the month: I have resdiscovered Tumblr for myself and the key is following content and people that you are interested in, being openminded about niche-categories and genres in the Tumblr community and learn more about them (i have found out that i really like the Dark Academia aesthetic, also modern retellings of greek mythology are definitely my jam) and not feeling bad about unfollowing accounts that make you bored, feel down or not enjoy your time on the site. I really kinda fell back in love with Tumblr as a creative outlet and a way of finding new input for my soul and heart. it’s been great, pals.

Brief (!) Talk About Struggles: I was overwhelmed with all the DEADLINES, definitely often felt DREAD and DESPAIR weighing heavy on my shoulders and went through the first month and a half with super nervous energy because I applied for an internship (btw: GOT IT!! Super excited + super ANXIOUS). I’m scared about the rest of my tasks for this fourth semester + I really need something to destress and focus in the rest of the weeks leading up to my free time (August 10th – August 30th). And because, surely, there are people here who feel me –> Have some luck: 🍀 

Other Things That Happened:

  • I found out what the color of my soulmark is (pink!) –> patient, affectinate, understanding, in tune with emotions of themselves and others, friendly, introverted, drawn to doubt, bad at keeping promises, they tend to spread selves thin for others + crash in the process
  • i followed the masses + become obsessed with making icons via picrew for 4 hours
  • i ate very unhealthy food and need to change my eating style to less sugary foood
  • pRoCrAsTiNaTiOn

Book Diary

*Insert Talk About Look How Happy I’m Making You & Wilder Girls Here.* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ TO BOTH OF THOSE BOOKS. Short review of the first here; short review of the second (not yet) here. (1) LOOK HOW HAPPY was the perfect read at the perfect time; it was fascinating and looked at womens experiences, emotions and thoughts in a way that felt very real and authentic and I will 1000% read another short story collection (or book) from her. (2) WILDER GIRLS was the YA ecological kinda dystopian kinda thriller book I like; it’s female-friendship-focused, includes an f/f romance and lots of Cool Girl Aesthetics!! I linked two pieces of fanart here and here (the links bring you to the artists tweets that feature the fanart). I’m super duper undecided which book to read next: The Anomaly, The Blade Itself, Supper Club or My Lovely Wife??? 

40711940. sy475 42505366


I watched Dark Crystal and it felt very old & very classic. also, i finally understand why the mhhmm at the end of the trailer of the remake was such a fan favorite. my thoughts include: this is such a cool art style, the emperor on his death bed scene was very cool, i totally imagined gelfling being said the way that wildling is sung in the jon snow song from the game of thrones musical special lmao, creatures can be v cruel, „learned the shapes of kindness“ sounds so lovely and i wish there were more twists and turns because this was kinda predictable, a little too long and the most interesting aspects of the story were rushed.

The Dark Crystal (1982)

drinking game: take a sip of chocalate milk everytime someone says crystal



The first show I watched was Netflix‘ The Society which is kinda The Tribe (that weird kids show where adult vanished and they dressed up and kinda fought each other) meets Lord of the Flies and it was Kinda Cool and I Kinda Really Want to see in which direction they go with the second season. I loved the soft friendships, the theories they came up with, the struggle about how to deal with power and the plenty of mistakes they make that are kinda understandable and kinda not understandable and it’s all kinds of grey. I really appreciated how it went dARK and honest with it’s pain. Super interesting, indeed. Faves: Grizz, Allie, Elle and Helena.

The second and third show I watched were the Turkish shows Hercai and Yemin which are both very different and very similar at the same time. HERCAI is about two people who faLL IN LLOVE (!!!!) and the first (1) is after revenge and wants to betray his bride-(to-be) and the second (2) is treated kinda badly by most of her family and is very fluffy and cute and it’s basically kinda Slytherin and Hufflepuff fall in love and they have very good chemistry and i don’t know if there will be a second season but i hope, hope, hope. Also, the way it was shot WAS HIGH QUALITY.

YEMIN is about two people who faLL IN LOVE (!!) and the first (1) is after revenge because he doesn’t understand why he was forced to marry his bride and wants to betray her and the second (2) is treated very badly by most of hIS family and is very fluffy and cute and talks to her bird. Their romance is slow and i only liked it for the most part because it kinda was very repetitive and the storylines bordered on „torture porn“ (this term makes me uncomfortable but it kinda explain the situation well); after some time it really felt like the MC was hurt, dragged through the mud etc. constantly without reason — just to create more problems and obstacles. painful. ouch.

The Society (2019)Macit Sonkan, Ayda Aksel, Serhat Tutumluer, Gülçin Santircioglu, Ahmet Tansu Tasanlar, Ilay Erkök, Oya Unustasi, Akin Akinözü, and Ebru Sahin in Hercai (2019)Özge Yagiz and Gokberk Demirci in Yemin (2019)

The fourth TV show I watched was Nachtschwestern (it’s german for Nurses on Night Shift) which is a show about two women (both nurses) who have a history and are forced to work together. it’s short and good and i was positively surprised and happy that it was renewed for a second season. The cases are interesting, the relationships that started to be developed could be really nice and i binged it which translates to: i was into it. i’m a sucker for a doctors in hospitals show. it’s one of my genres lol. keep it comin, german tv

The fifth TV show I watched was Season 3 of Netflix‘ La Casa de Papel and I WAS SO EXCITED FOR IT. I loved the first season, really liked the second and was kinda disappointed by the third?? i thought the set-up was very cool (!!) and (for me) they should’ve definitely used the vacation setting in a massive way and they just didn’t. It felt repetitive at times, could’ve used a better soundtrack + there were definitely more obvious and less surprising twists and turns. I’m just a little bummed out. Faves: Helsinki + Nairobi. big sigh mood about tokyos characterisation, too

La Casa de Papel (2017)


Monthly Recap Zwischenbilder


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That's a wrap!

Any eco-thriller recommendations? super good nonfiction? also please tell me more good booktubers? (i need to freshen up my dashboard) + tell me your niche genre in tumblr! go, go go!

10 Kommentare zu „Recap: June + July 2019 // Rediscovering Tumblr, Netflix‘ The Society, Hercai, PrOcRaStInAtIoN, Bellarke OWNS my Heart, Picrew, Mixed Feelings about S3 of La Casa de Papel + I finally finished writing my Medusa paper

  1. That really is the longest wrap-up title in the blogging history! HAHA!

    Great wrap-up, Janina! I really need to catch up with The 100. I binge-watched the first entire three seasons a few years ago, and haven’t watched any of them after that! But I’m so happy to hear about Bob and Eliza’s wedding a while ago! An unproblematic OTP that deserves nothing but eternal happiness!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I live to serve lol. Long titles are a goal that I can accomplish all the time haha. Thank you!! I really liked season 4, felt a little eh about season 5 and season 6 has been very good over all. Me too!! Their wedding was totally out of the blue for us fans haha but they look very very happy which makes my heart all glowy. Eternal happiness for them, amen. Happy reading!! ❤

      Gefällt mir

  2. i think you’ve achieved the longest title of all titles, but i love it! congrats on your internship, btw!
    i have to admit i have yet to fall back in love with tumblr. i’m still somewhat active, but i mostly just use it to check out my favorite ships tag, lol. there’s definitely a lot of great content on tumblr and i love checking out the discussions, gifsets and fanarts. every time i watch something new or read an outstanding book, i check out the tumblr tag. but i haven’t done much of blogging there on my own, just following creators i like and posting stuff myself. back in 2012~2013, i was on tumblr all day every day, but i think i’m fine for now just checking out my favorite tags, hahah.
    haven’t though about bellarke in forever, but i’ll check some of their fan made videos tonight! also, haven’t the actors got married even though i didn’t even know they were DATING to begin with? lol. that was hilarious.
    i’m glad you enjoyed the society! there’s a lot of great social commentary on that one and it was a really binge-worthy show indeed. i am excited for whatever happens in season 2, though i’ll be very disappointed if campbell doesn’t die bc i hate him and i just want elle to be happy.
    hope you have an amazing august!!! and check out adriana @ perpetualpages on booktube if you haven’t yet, because their content is truly fantastic!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. i love it too!! thanks so so much!! i am crumble and cookie at the same time for the internship lol! it’s big but scarrryyyy. i totALLY understand your feelings about tumblr lol i too used it mostly to check on my otp/ships TAGs and look at pretty gifs of them haha. but lately i just really EXPLORED and RESEARCHED and it was just so real‘ cool and i found some awesome new things that i am passionate about and that was beautiful! please do watch some bellarke videos omg especially ones that include the newest season (6) because those are so so great. every fans mind was blown when the wedding was announced and i am so glad and happy for them! hilarious + wonderful. yes, the society! i don’t like campbell at all either; he’s toxic and abusive and i do hope that karma gets to him. but i do think that the actor portrays him really well!! happy for season 2 indeed. hope you have an awesome august (alliterations for the win) too! ❤ ps: will check them out! 🙂

      Gefällt mir

  3. Yassss for super long descriptive titles. I stan. And gaaah the cover for Infinity Son!! So cool!! The Dark Crystal is such a throwback (I say as if I lived through the 80s), but serious nostalgia from that. I’ve heard of The Society and I need to check it out. In general, I just need to up my TV game 😂 Hope you have a great August!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. So cool!! I am so in love with all the cover art; everytime I look at one wonderful cover another wonderful cover comes around!! it’s a blessing. The Society is definitely interesting and if you like Sci-Fi mixed with teenage drama then you’re good to go lol. Thanks so much! Hope you have an awesome August as well! 🙂

      Gefällt mir

    1. wilder girls definitely features a few of the same themes! i really loved the eco-elements of the story, the feral girls and the overall atmosphere and setting/scenery. (but now that i think about it and had some time away from it, there were a few things i didn’t like and i would probably rate it differently now) but! i don’t want to un-encourage you LOL because it’s still written well and some people loved LOVED it. (i hope i didn’t make it seem like you shouldn’t read it and like i hated it because i didn’t. past-janina was just way more HYPE in the moment about it.) i’ll stop now because i dig a bigger hole lmao. thank youuu!! hope you have A VERY HAPPY MARCH! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Gefällt 1 Person

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