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#T5W: TV, Movie & Literature Characters That Are Just So Hufflepuff™

If you didn’t know: I’m a proud part of the #HufflepuffSquad. Which is why I’m very excited for the Top 5 Wednesday topic of this week: Characters That Embody Your Hogwarts House. It’s a real good topic to think about and I’m giving it all the power and energy I have inside of me right now. Which is not a lot but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment and I’m not going to pressure myself into more. –> You can find the Goodreads Group right here. T5W is a weekly meme created by Samantha and Lainey. And that’s basically all the information that you need going into this blog post. I would feel super lucky if you’d comment with your favorite Hufflepuff character. Or your favorite Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw character. Please and thank you.

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Before we start, let’s recap very fast what Hufflepuffs are most known for:

  • loyalty & fair play
  • dedication & hard work
  • friendly & rather impartial
  • accepting & treat everyone equally
  • value friendship & have a strong moral code
  • also mostly associated with: the cinnamon roll meme + being pure + wanting to be loved & their protective nature


This^^ is probably The Most Obvious Hufflepuff choice that I could’ve gone with and I’m 10/10 in love with how ENTIRELY and WHOLE-HEARTEDLY Paddington fits into the yellow/black Hogwarts house — it’s like he was made for it. He is so pure. Such a cinnamon roll. Wants the best for everyone. He’s just a kind and polite teddy bear searching for a new home. On his way to bless your day with his funny and considerate nature and his big heart with lots of love and affection to share with everyone he encounters. They could produce/make five more movies in this franchise and I would watch them all. Paddington is such a gem. He definitely represents all the Hufflepuff traits. Super friendly, super lovable, super loyal, super accepting, super hard-working.

Media: Movie // Title: Paddington 1 & 2 // Character: Paddington


Are you surprised? I think not! This is another Obvious Hufflepuff and I am living for it. I am so in love with characters that are just full-on 100% Hufflepuff with all their might and we need more of them. Jessica Day (from New Girl!) is a hard-working teacher — she’s friendly, accepting of all kinds of weird things, open to make a fool out of herself (to make others and herself happy), super affectionate and protective of her friends and incredibly dedicated to help her students and be fully herself. pure character is pure. jess is such a lovable dork and we love one (1) chaotic & relatable queen. we share our love for pretzels and awkward dancing. 10/10 love her.

Media: TV Show // Title: New Girl // Character: Jessica Day


Hear me out, soft hearts, hear me out. I know that Leslie is also ambitious like a Slytherin + values learning and prizes wit and intellect like a Ravenclaw but — the thing that really drives her as a person is her good nature, the wish to better her community and her constant drive to lift up her friends and appreciate them for who they are. Her heart and soul is definitely a Hufflepuff and I will stand by that. She spends most of her time helping out other people, complimenting her best friend Ann and making the best version of out Pawnee that is possible at that specific moment. She is fiercely protective and loyal when it comes to the people she loves. Plus, she is one of the most hard-working women in TV history and super dedicated to doing her Best™. Her love language would be literally all of them; quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch — she does them all. 10/10 full of love

Media: TV Show // Title: Parks and Recreation // Character: Leslie Knope


Jake Peralta definitely has some traits that make him Gryffindor-ish but now that we have seen Jake on our screens for, like, 5 years and really know his character, I truly believe him to be the most suited for Hufflepuff. Traits I think that match him: fiercely protective, values friendship, shows affection openly + STRONG sense of right and wrong. He strives to make the world a better place and grow as a person. I’m just so glad that he exists as a TV character and that people see him on their screens with his Big Heart™ –> 10/10 love him

Media: TV Show // Title: Brooklyn Nine-Nine // Character: Jake Peralta


TOTALLY. For real. Hufflepuff indeed. I would also guess that she’s a Pisces. Her whole story arc is basically about being a Hufflepuff??? Helping some random fish find his son? Trying to make that random fish lighten up and have hope?? Finding her long lost parents even though she can’t remember them clearly?? Staying loyal to the two random fish from the first film?? 100% Hufflepuff through and through. sUPER FRIENDLY to everyone (including sharks!). Super loyal. Super pure. Super affectionate. Big Love Energy™ and Good Person/Fish Energy™ –> cinnamon roll™–> 10/10 love Dory and 10/10 glad that they made another movie to finish up her story ❤

Media: Movie // Title: Finding Nemo & Finding Dory // Character: Dory

Monthly Recap Zwischenbilder (1)

  • Agnieszka from Naomi Novik’s novel Uprooted –> totally loyal to the town, her people and especially her best friend!! fiercely protective of them!! appreciates nature!! dedicated to Doing Her Best™!! values friendship!! strong moral code!!
  • Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 movies -> loyal to a fault!! would do anything to keep their friends safe!! super protective!! literally appreciates nature and is a part of it lol!! best friend dream team, totally the most important thing in their life!! friendly and dedicated!!
  • Monty Green from the TV Show The 100 –> Cinnamon Roll™!! loyal!! understanding!! one of the most impartial and accepting characters in the whole show!! kind and sweet!! grows algae to make food for his people!! supportive and hard-working
  • Cress from Marissa Meyer’s book series The Lunar Chronicles –> The Most Pure™!! always there to help save the day/the world!! accepting and lovable!! sees the Best in people!! very affectionate and loyal!! will love you till your dying breath, 10/10

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21 Kommentare zu „#T5W: TV, Movie & Literature Characters That Are Just So Hufflepuff™

  1. I was actually waiting for Monty to be a part of the list, hahah. I miss watching The 100 – is definitely one of those shows that I always say I’m going to get back to it, but then I remember how much the show stressed me out with its intensity and I never do so? I feel like I’ve went through too much nerve-wracking events since high-school and I’ve started to gravitate more towards very chill and soft shows and movies. I’m not sure if I’ll survive the intensity of it all!
    Dory is a huge Hufflepuff! Since we’re talking about Disney, I’d also sort Rapunzel from Tangled there too. She’s such a sweetheart and fits Hufflepuff traits very well! 😊

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    1. The 100 is veryyy good at stressing people out! I’m too invested in the show to quit now but I definitely feel you. Chill and soft shows are cute and wonderful, too — I’m probably equally chill/stress when it comes to TV. I like to be challenged emotionally (in fiction, NOT real life lmao) which is a struggle. But maybe you’ll feel like starting again and then just try out another few episodes and see how it goes? RAPUNZEL YES. For sure, totally a Hufflepuff too. Also, a little bit of Gryffindor because it would take a lots of guts to leave your tower after living there all your life. ❤

      Gefällt 1 Person

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